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Please post errors in the published version of AWS Lambda in Action here. We'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

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page 54: 'curl https://<your endpoint>/prod/users/JohnDoe123/greet'

The API Gateway URL should be for 'user' instead of 'users', because the name of the resource readers were instructed to create was 'User'.
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Author Online:

The link to the forum currently is

it should be
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Typo in 3rd paragraph chapter 1-it's the first full paragraph on page 4 of the pdf

The last sentence in the paragraph reads 'Even if you use a container-based approach in building the environment,
with tools such as Docker, you’re still in change of managing versioning and
updates of the containers you use.'

change should be changed to charge
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Susan, that url no longer works.
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1. Ch 5.2.2, Listing 5.1, pg 89:

var dstKey = "thumbs/" + srcKey);

Has an extra ')' on the end that should not be there.

2. Ch 5.2.2, Listing 5.1, pg 89:

Bad indentation on these lines:

var imageType = getImageType(srcKey, callback);


    Bucket: srcBucket,
    Key: srcKey

3. Ch 5.2.2, Listing 5.1, pg 89:

Function name type in:

function tranformImage(response, next) { 

Should be

function transformImage(response, next) {
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The current errata list is at I'm sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you!

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Chapter 9, Page 185:

'name' should be bolded in both function definitions to reflect that they have been added.

1) function storeUser(email, *name*, password, salt, fn)

2) function sendVerificationEmail(email, *name*, token, fn)

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ch9 page 174, last resource in Policy_Cognito_Unauthenticated_Role should be




likewise, ch10 page 207, the first bullet after Policy_Cognito_Authenticated_Role should be

The sampleAuthLogin function, to authenticate the user


The login function, to authenticate the user
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ch10 page 211 and 212 when calling computeHash, it should be called as