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Hello Everyone!

Andy Syrewicze (One of the authors) here! Just wanted to post a quick hello to everyone and to say thanks for purchasing the book! I'm looking forward to helping you all make your way through the text, and if you find yourself stuck on something, or you have further questions/comments/concerns, don't be afraid to drop a line and ask!

Hope to hear from you!


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Looking forward to the following topics. Any idea when?

Chapter 14, "Monitoring Hyper-V Hosts and Associated Guest VM"
Chapter 15, "Migrating Virtual Machines Between Hosts"
Chapter 16, "Moving Existing Servers to Hyper-V"
Chapter 17, "Preparing for Disaster with Hyper-V Replica"
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Is there any update on the status of the book as of late?
No updates since Dec of 2016 at this point.

Kinda thinking I should have held off on buying it as it will mostly be outdated if it takes much longer given the advanced cadence of MS server updates now.