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I'm newcomer too,I tested all the examples of the book,all work well!that's great!thanks the author!but only just this tekmart 19.8.6 part(catalog.jsp) cannot work now!and throw "org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /catalog.jsp (line: 6, column: 2) The value for the useBean class attribute java.util.Iterator is invalid."when I try to changed "catalog.jsp
<%@ page import="jess.*" %>
<jsp:useBean id="queryResult" class="java.util.Iterator" scope="request"/>
"to that :
<%@ page import="jess.*,java.util.Iterator" %>
<% Iterator queryResult =(Iterator)request.getAttribute("queryResult"); %>"

it works!and do the same to purchase.jsp/recommend.jsp,the jsp's and servlets can work together,but there is also problem :not any recommend,what's wrong? I do it in command line and asert facts,it works well!maybe sth wrong i did it,get in troblem ?would you like to tell where is the problem? thanks a lot!
(win7+javac 1.8.0_91+tomcat 9.0)
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I try to bypass servlets,just using jsp to realize the same goal,but get the same effect:just purchase page,no recommend page.
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It seems Nobody glance back at it,my question maybe or must be too low,I think.So I try to study what’s happened in the world again and again, thought and thought,it must be somewhere…I’v got it! it works now,but I’m not sure whether it causes another problem or not? I just delete two rules in module CLEANUP :” clean-up-order” and “initialize-order-2” .