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333469 (4) [Avatar] Offline
Hello, I have bought the book React Quickly and I wonder what will be the key differences between these books, content-wise. What was the point of making another React book while the first one is still in MEAP?
309108 (8) [Avatar] Offline
I am in the same boat as the person above. Already bought React Quickly and am wondering if I should also be getting this book or not. What will I be missing if I don't get this book? Should React Quickly and React in Action be combined into one book instead?
Marina Michaels (46) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, I'm the Developmental Editor for this book. My apologies for not answering this post sooner. We're putting together an overview of the differences between Manning's various React books. I'll post it soon. Thanks for your patience.
capouch (10) [Avatar] Offline
I hope you folks at Manning haven't forgotten us. I've been pretty faithful to you all, and this distinction is pretty critical for me. I hope three months have been long enough for you to put this together for us?
Marina Michaels (46) [Avatar] Offline
Hi! No, we haven't forgotten, and thank you for your patience. Here's a high-level overview of the three React books in development:

  • React in Action teaches React through one example carried throughout the book. It's for users new to React, though if you already know React, you might also gain some insights in seeing React applied to a single project.

  • React Quickly is for more advanced React users. It doesn't have a single project for the entire book like React in Action, but instead uses a lot of smaller examples to teach various aspects of React.

  • React Native in Action teaches how to use React Native to create mobile apps.

  • As a side note, any titles with "reactive" in them teach an approach to programming; they aren't about React.
    Marina Michaels (46) [Avatar] Offline
    Hi everyone, and thanks for your patience. That took much longer than it should have. I've updated my previous post with the high-level differences between the two books, and am also answering your question in this post.

    Both books cover a lot of the same topics, but

  • React in Action uses a single project throughout while React Quickly uses a bunch of smaller examples, and

  • React in Action is more for someone new to React while React Quickly is for more advanced users.

  • You can also always look at the detailed table of contents on a book's MEAP page to see which topics are covered in a book.