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There are some weird comments in the code samples, like this one on p. 7, Listing 1.5:

return /*[b*/files/*]*/ | /*[b*/transform/*]*/(/*[b*/count_lines/*]*/);

It looks like some kind of markup that was supposed to be parsed out.
Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Vince,

Unfortunately, there was an error while PDFs were prepared - this and having 'cxx' written instead of 'C++'. I was told this will be fixed ASAP.

You can see where I tried to explain the cause of these issues.
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How annoying that must be! Thanks for following up so quickly.
Ivan Cukic (99) [Avatar] Offline
It is a bit, yes.

Fortunately, it should all be fixed in the latest PDF (at least the big issues like this one and 'cxx' instead of 'c++').