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I have the following script which deals with time series

set xdata time
set format x "%d%b%y"
set xtics rotate by 90 offset 0,-3
set bmargin 10
set datafile separator ";"

set grid
set key left
set timefmt "%d/%m/%Y"

plot [:][:]    "2015d.csv"     u (timecolumn(3,"%d/%m/%Y")):(1) smooth  cumulative w l lt 3 t "bbb"

The output should be a statistic of the events recorded in the file 2015d.csv (in attach), and yet I get two lines
(see picture global1.png).

This does not happen if I gave the (apparently equivalent) final plot command
plot [:][:]  "2015d.csv"     u 3:(1) smooth  cumulative w l lt 7 t "global2015" 

What happens is that with the first plot command gnuplot produces two separate cumulative functions which should be summed up to get the true result.
carminat (49) [Avatar] Offline
Weird behaviour of time series - problem solved!
I used the "set table" directive to investigate this weird behaviour and I have found the reason: at line #564 of the file 2015d.csv there is a missing data.

What happens is that the first command inserts a blanc line and restarts the counting, while the second command quietly dismisses the problem, and goes on counting. This is the reason of the different behaviour.

Good to know!