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There is nothing worse than buying a book and the links referenced do not work.

Page 31 you state "You’ve already seen this in action when you resolved Luke’s URI from figure 2.1. You did, right? If not, you really should do it now. We’ll wait."

http://lukeruth.co/me.ttl#Me - 404

Page 24
http://linkeddatadeveloper.com/addresses/shawrdatnuclearplantrdathensal35611usa - NOT FOUND

How in the world am I expected to trust that this book will take me where I want to go? All I want is to understand Linked Data and this book is not what I expected.
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Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your concerns.

Sorry but there is a typo in figure 2.1, Please use http://lukeruth.com/me.ttl#Me

You are using an incorrect url. The correct url is ...356llusa not ...35611usa. I'm including the correct url below


Hope this helps.
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How am I using an incorrect URL (I grabbed it directly from the book)?
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I'm sorry you had trouble with the links. In retrospect, we should have used persistent URLs throughout the book. Instead, we used URLs under our control. Unfortunately, with three authors and time passing, it can be difficult to ensure they resolve.

On page 24 you did use an incorrect URL. It seems you just copied in wrong in one place, which is a very ambiguous (and font-specific) character. The problem is that one of "ones" was transcribed into a "capital-eye" in your message above. The correct URL does resolve when requested via an Accept: header of "text/turtle" as shown in the book. The correct URL is http://linkeddatadeveloper.com/addresses/shawrdatnuclearplantrdathensa135611usa (note the "one" before 35611). Note also that that URL will 404 if requested with an Accept: header of "text/html", which your browser will do by default. You will need to resolve it using the directions at the bottom of page 24.

As for the error you reported on page 31, the URL in question is shown in Figure 2.1 on page 29, and Figure 2.2 on page 30. The URL is shown in both places as http://lukeruth.co/me.ttl#Me, which simplifies to http://lukeruth.co/me.ttl when resolved remotely (before the hash tag is applied locally following URL resolution). That URL does, as you said, return a 404. Additionally, the one Marsha suggested (http://lukeruth.com/me.ttl) returns a 301 to the one you used. I have sent email to Luke asking him to repair the URL since that one is on his server. Thanks for letting us know! I hope we can get it fixed. If we cannot, then we can at least add it to the book's errata.

Please let us know if you find any other problems. We will do our best to either point you in the right direction, or fix them.