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carminat (49) [Avatar] Offline
I have a file with the following structure

#column 1      #column 2      #column 3 
  string          number         date

Imagine that the string in the column1 is the name of a user,
the number in column2 is a code associated to the user,
and the date in column3 records an action of the user
(a toy version of my file is here )

The following script provides a statistic of the actions of all users
set format x "%d%b%y"
set datafile separator ";"
set xdata time
set xtics rotate by 90 offset 0,-3
set bmargin 10
set grid
set key left
set timefmt "%d/%m/%Y"


plot    file  u 3:(1) smooth  cumulative w l  t ""

The above script works fine. Now I want gnuplot produce a similar statistic
filtering the events of a specific user: I tried both with the plot command
plot    file  u 3:((stringcolumn(1)=="jack")?1:0) smooth  cumulative w l  t ""

plot    file  u 3:(($1==3) ? 1 : 0 ) smooth  cumulative w l  t ""

but neither of these commands seems to work.

Did I make a mistake in the syntax?
philipp.janert (286) [Avatar] Offline
1) For string comparison, you must use the "eq" operator instead of "==".
2) In the second example, you use the wrong column (it should be $2==3).

Does this fix things?