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Hello, I was wondering if I could get an update on the physical book release? I have it ordered on Amazon UK and I have received a number of emails from them putting the release date back.

Is there a confirmed release date?

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I can't speak for Manning, but can tell you that currently the book is in the typesetting phase. We're getting the PDFs of the chapters with the final layouts for review and final OKs. Six chapters are already done and I'd expect that the rest of them will be complete within the next two weeks. After that, the book will go to the printer and in another 2-3 weeks it should hit the stores.
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Thank you very much for the update, looking forward to working my way through the book.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond
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Very impressed by book content (PDF v. eight (why do I get smileys when I try to type eight as a digit?)) so far. But...

Where is a detailed TOC and index? Both sorely needed even in pre-release MEAP PDF.

No doubt too late for book and too early to be stable, but a chapter/appendix or two on Angular 2 Material Design would have been welcome.
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Thank you. There won't be any new chapters in the book, but I blog frequently at yakovfain.com, and when Angular Material will include a bit more components, I'll start writing about it there. Meanwhile I wrote a couple of blogs about another UI library called PrimeNG, which has 70 components.