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John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the feedback and the kind words. I have been wrapping up what was going to Chapter 7 (now Chapter smilie on Spring Cloud Stream. I am just finishing the rough draft of that chapter by tomorrow.

I did want to let you guys know that based on reader feedback, I am going to be adding a chapter on Spring Security. The chapter will cover at least two major topics. The first topic will be using Spring Cloud/Zuul to build a custom authorization/authentication filter with the Apache Shiro project. I will also then be demonstrating how to Spring Cloud with Zuul to integrate with an oAuth server.

I might also be collapsing build-pipeline and final chapters on deployments down into 1 chapter.

Also, I plan to spend the first half of this week integrating the feedback you guys have been giving me in the chapters. A special thanks to Moorlie who has caught several hard-coded values I had in my docker and run scripts. Thanks to his feedback I am cleaning up the scripts.

Again, I appreciate everyone's comments. I am really happy with how the book is turning out and I cant wait to get to the security chapter. ( I am going to be working on that as my next chapter).

377671 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Why Apache Shiro and not just Spring Security?
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hey guys,

Chapter 7 is evolving. Originally I thought I was going to give an example of writing a cust auth filter in Zuul with Apache Shiro for very fine-grained material. I dont think I am going to do that. Here is how the chapter is evolving:

1. Going to introduce OAUTH2
2. Demonstrate how to build an OAUTH2 authentication server using Spring Boot and show how to protect services with it.
3. Demonstrate how to do authorization and authentication within the "Auth" server.
4. Demonstrate how to propagate OAUTH2 tokens between services.
5. Introduce JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and how to use them in an OAUTH based environment
6. Demonstrate how to customize the payload of a JWT token.

Thanks again for the feedback. I have never considered myself the smartest guy in the room and the feedback is definitely helping me focus on the material. There are several things I just take for granted because I have been working in this space, so please keep it coming.

- John

thabach (23) [Avatar] Offline
Hi John,

sounds great on your OAuth plans, but the original topic of chapter 7 is still on the table I do hope, ya ? Totally looking forward to reading about event streaming and real loose coupling between spring cloud services in a dedicated chapter.

Cheers, keep up the good work, enjoying the r(ide)ead so far, Christian.
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Christian,

Thanks for the feedback. The editors release things in batches. I updated the TOC, but it has not been posted. The chapter is going well. The topic of OAuth is complicated, but I am starting to whittle down some good working examples.

Thanks for the support.

- John
Amnesiac (7) [Avatar] Offline
When can we expect Chapter 6? A rough estimate will help.

Amnesiac (7) [Avatar] Offline
JIT! Thanks.
371155 (3) [Avatar] Offline
Would be good also include JWT + ACL