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In my learning app based on this book I'm adding products dynamically.

Since home.ts load products only once in constructor I can't see new products:

export default class HomeComponent {
  products: Observable<Product[]>;

  constructor(private productService: ProductService) {
    this.products = this.productService.getProducts();

I'm wandering how to refresh the product list every time I reenter home page?

Thank you.
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Where are you adding new products?
What do you mean by reentering Home page?
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I have different UI implemented in ExtJs where I can add product in database.
I have app open in two browsers:
- one has UI implemented with Angular 2
- second ExtJs UI

I'd like to see new products when I reenter home by clicking app logo in navbar.

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Turns out that error was on server site.

Anyway is it possible to demonstrate how to insert refresh button on home page and reload products?

Thank you.
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Then look at the code under the Search button in chapter 8 and implement similar functionality (emit the search event) under the navbar component.