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Well. We all know by now that .NET Core created a CLI but it was not until the latest phases of the product, when it was boiling there was no CLI and other tool chain was used. I think you, the author and the community should know that there is another way to scaffold code for .NET Core. It is by usage of Yeoman generator. It was created as part of the ASP.NET Core effort and it is a good entry point aside the CLI.

I encourage you to explore and include it in the book.


Perhaps CLI and this generator are similar, but it is good to know they exist.
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Thanks @carlosaortiz
Yeoman is worth discussing. The .NET CLI will still be there, even if it is a facade over MSBuild targets, so I still want to cover it in the book. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Good to hear about it. Looking forward to see that in the book. Anyway, day by day the yeoman generator will better.