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mark.wigmans (2) [Avatar] Offline
The text stated that "JSON is a extremely lightweight data serialization protocol and therefor *the* protocol to use between microservices. If you compare JSON with full SOAP messages, then yes JSON is a lightweight data serialization protocol. However, if you compare it with binary protocols like Thrift or protobuf it is still a heavyweight protocol.
So, I like to see more explanation why JSON is the best for microservices and not just assume it is.
John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hey Mark,

Thanks for the comment. You have a point and I will try to call out why I like to use JSON vs. other protocols. Part of it really depends on the situation. I like to use JSON because is easy to support and human readable. I spend a tremendous amount of time supporting and debugging code and being able to easy trace and consume the data being exchanged is invaluable to me.

However, that being said, JSON is a plain text protocol and not as efficient as binary protocols like Thrift or Avro. If speed and performance are my key concerns, I am going to choose one of these other protocols. (We use Avro where I currently work whenever we have our microservices send or receive messages).

I have a made a note to go back and look at that section of the book and provide some additional context.

carlosaortiz (28) [Avatar] Offline
or you should also be considered gRPC (

For the sake here.
Do you have links on Thrift,Avro and the other binary protocols you have mentioned so far. It would be helpful to know about it, thus to have them included in the book should be as a means of and an appendix.