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moorlie (4) [Avatar] Offline
First off, looking forward to reading through rest of this book. From what I have seen so far it's just what I have been looking for. Some of the technologies I use daily, others I have experimented with and have been looking for a means of consolidating my understanding and application.

The reason for this post is to enquire about the Git repositories and how they should be used. I made the mistake (possibly) of cloning the repository referenced on p36 of v1 MEAP ( and it sucked down 140Mb of, hmmm not much really! Okay, I put this down to lack of GitHub foo on my part and move on as there are links on said repository's to the sub-chapter repositories. All good, let's grab Chapter 2 me thinks (want to look at actual POM). Ooops, that link's a wrongun!

I know the forum asks us not to post typo's, I respect that, but this one is a link in your index at the entrypoint on GitHub, remorse is fading:

BAD (line 17):
[Chapter 2 Introduction to Microservices] (

BETTER (line 17):
[Chapter 2 Introduction to Microservices] (

Well I found what I was looking for and could have overlooked this, sorry smilie, but I take it GitHub is going to be the source of truth as you progress with the book.

Best of luck, look forward to future instalments.

John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Moorlie,

Thanks for catching this. I do deserved to be flogged for this. I mean that. A couple of months ago I complete restructured my code in github. I originally had everything under one git hub repo (the entire book). It ended up being a massive build everytime I committed changes and Travis CI built. Hence the bad link.

I will get these cleaned up right away.

John Carnell (26) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Moorlie,

I fixed the link in the github repo. Thanks again