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The .NET Core team has promised to replace the project.json in the future. .NET Core in Action goes into a lot of details about how to use the project.json, so there may be some concern about the validity of these chapters. Right now, I don't know what is going to replace project.json. It's probably going to be using msbuild, which was already ported to .NET Core. The project.json has less capability than msbuild but is definitely much simpler. I'm hoping that the .NET Core team will consider using JSON instead of XML, but I don't have control over that. Whatever they choose, I will update the book to match the latest project system as quickly as I can - when it comes out.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this.
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There is an update on this from the .NET Core team:

The biggest change is to replace project.json with a .csproj file that uses MSBuild XML. They've tried to reduce the size of the .csproj so it's easier to read than .NET Framework .csproj files. Also, the CLI commands like "build" and "pack" will be refactored to use MSBuild underneath.

This update to the .NET CLI is not available for testing yet. There is a 1.1 release coming out for .NET Core shortly but that will not include these changes. When this new build system gets closer to release, I will update the book's code samples.

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This is not good. They want to keep the fat MSBUILD alive because they don't really want to change Visual Studio at all. And how will they connect to Visual Studio Code. Why not use a simple and lean format that is on par with javascript or any other build systems.
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One issue here is that .NET Core went to 1.0 too early. They knew before releasing 1.0 that they wouldn't keep two build systems. Long term, I think this will be a benefit to msbuild in that there will be pressure to make it easier/less verbose. I'd still prefer JSON over XML though.
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I agree with you. I also like JSON format. And it is also more portable for Windows/Unix/Mac. MSBUILD is centered around Windows, unless they are going to port its usage to Unix/Mac.