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Hi all,

I just wanted to mention that I got around to downloading my v1 copy, via the "Send to Dropbox" functionality (really awesome by the way!), and took me a few minutes to find them. Not because I didn't know which Dropbox directory to look under (I've sent numerous books that way), but because I'm on a Mac, and title (and file/directory names) start with a period. On Unix and Unix-like (Linux, BSD, etc) systems, dot files (files which start with a period) are hidden by default!

Fortunately, it took me just a few minutes to figure this out, despite Dropbox showing numerous notifications about new files being added. Admittedly, for 10pm, a few minutes isn't too bad of a reaction time!

Looking forward to a little light reading in the forthcoming days and months!

Dustin Metzgar (25) [Avatar] Offline
That's a good point. We can change the file/directory names to "dotnet Core in Action". Thanks for letting us know!