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Hi Keith,
I'm fighting with CSS positioning right now. Therefore, do you have a schedule for the release of the next chapters ? No hurry, just for information.
Keith J Grant (18) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, sorry for the delay responding (I’ve been in conference land lately). I got the ball rolling on this. The next few chapters should be added to the MEAP soonish. Stay tuned smilie
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The book still will be shipped on March 2017? .. I see 10 remaining chapters yet, looking forward to see more smilie it's getting good as long I reading it.
Keith J Grant (18) [Avatar] Offline
I am a little behind schedule, so I doubt it will ship in March... but I am much further than the MEAP would indicate. I’ve got 12 chapters written, but they undergo a round of edits before getting added to MEAP.
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While You Are Waiting for CSS in Depth
You can always check out one of Keith's WONDERFUL presentations to tide you over. Stop Thinking In Pixels from the CSS Conference 2016 (available on YouTube) brings CSS in Depth to life! Keep up the great work, Keith. Obviously, this book will be worth waiting for.