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In the tip on page 130, in section 5.2.2 Creating the primes observable you say:

TIP Creating a new task for running the observable code is considered a bad practice. I’m doing it here to keep things simple at this stage. In chapter 9, we’ll talk about the Rx concurrency model and learn how we should change the code we wrote here.

1. I don't see the use of Create with schedulers later in the book. Is this still coming?
2. I think you mean Chapter 10 Working with Rx concurrency and synchronization rather than Chapter 9 Partitioning and Combining Observables

BTW, fabulous book.
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Thank you so much for your comment
i'm glad you like the book

1. You're right, i'll add it to chapter 10
2. You're right again smilie i'll fix it

Thanks for noticing