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Page 41, instead if calling it UI logic layer, maybe UI behaviour layer would be better? It is, at least in connection with MVVM and abstraction and encapsulation of how the UI behaves, through user interaction. To me personally, UI Logic sounds like you are fiddling directly with the UI, positioning stuff, creating animations etc.

Page 42, maybe point out that reflection is not unique to C#.

Page 43, good idea to point out that it has to be a public property and not just a property.

Page 47/48, you describe the bait and switch pattern, which is great. However, in the case of MvvmCross it is rarely used. MvvmCross relies more on Inversion of Control mainly through Dependency Injection or optionally Property Injection. I think it would be important to mention it here as well.

Page 59, worth mentioning that it is not possible to run multiple hypervisors on the same machine. So mixing Google Emulators through HAXM and Visual Studio Emulators for Android through Hyper-V would clash. One of them would take control of the hardware with VT-x and keep the resource until closed. This could be problematic.

I really like Figure 2.28, it is a nice way of showing how things are split up and what the flow is.