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Just for completeness I would like to ask the question,
which Python version is targeted here and in which version the code samples are written?
Is it Python3 or Python 2.7, or a mixture of that?
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This book teaches python 3.5 as stated in lesson 2.
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Thanks for the fast reply.
Good to know in advance.
Unfortunately lesson 2 is not free, so it might be a usefully information for people before they buy the product.
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Thanks for the feedback! I'll add this info in the Chapter 1 intro, and see if they can also put it in the description. Though even if you can't see the content of Ch 2, the subheadings of Lesson 2 say that you will download Python 3.5
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Why can't the Chapter 2 Python be free? Few more brief details would help if not whole chapter.
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My copy of the book arrived today. I currently have 3.6.5 installed on my system, do I need to backstep to 3.5?
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Nope, you won't need to go back to 3.5. Everything in the book will work with all subversions of Python 3!
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OK. Thank you.