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Any idea when the next installment of this book will be available?
As far as I can tell, the last (Julia_in_Action_v6_MEAP) was almost 5 months ago.
An email on July 7 said:
The author is putting the final touches on Chapter 9, "Functions and methods." We'll have it for you shortly!
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maybe significant changes with 0.5 release ?
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Could we please have some brief indication of the status of this MEAP? I'm reluctant to spend more time on Julia if it's dying on the vine.

Thank you.
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Julia is certainly not dying on the vine, if anything it seems to be in better shape now. There's a decent Coursera MOOC and more
introductory material. I feel positive about Julia''s future.

I can't say the same for this book though. Has the author lost interest? The book is still at Julia 0.4 (0.5 is the new stable and 0.6 will be alpha soon), and refers to IPython when Jupyter it's been Jupyter for a while. This book is beginning to feel like academic abandonware. At what point does Manning declare this MEAP as abandoned?
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I just emailed support@manning.com about this.
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He tweeted about giving Manning an update on November 20th https://twitter.com/helioservchris/status/800341929254944768
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i received the following today from Manning Support.

Sadly at this time I have no new information on this title. The
author is not delivering what we were hoping for. We are
reaching out again to see if we can this project moving again.