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Maybe the book could provide an outlook or an overview of the current Idris landscape and what's planned for the future. I think especially of compile backends (how they work), elaborator reflection (which I think is a killer app even for the Coq guys), type providers, programming infrastrucure, etc.

The more I read the book (in my limited spare time) the more I have the impression that a lot of other programming languages are toys in comparison. I used to do some Erlang work in the past and was reading a lot of Elixir code over the last weeks. (Which by the way interfered in a bad way with my ability to read the much more logical Idris code of the book.) It was actually hard to keep up the motivation to read Elixir code. Once you know Idris (if only a tiny bit in my case) it's really hard to enjoy other programming languages any more. So in this respect Idris can be a curse too. smilie

The book is very likely a tremendous inspiration for every programmer. Definitely a must buy!
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Thanks for the kind words! I think a lot of the things you mention are worth writing about, but possibly not yet because there's still a lot of research to be done and things are moving quite fast. Perhaps I should add more pointers to further reading on these topics.