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So I'm going through the examples for chapter 5 and I see that I have an error. Normally this means I need to replace the gwt-servlet.jar but not this time. Apparently in your user code you use items from the package com.google.gwt.rpc in particular the RpcService and the RpcServlet, but since in version 2.7 the package com.google.gwt.rpc no longer exists, these show an error.

No problem I think, and jump to the JavaDoc. After about an hour or so of searching the only thing I have found about this package was from 3rd party sites hosting 2.6.1 JavaDoc showing that the RpcService was an "Experimental" interface and was subject to change and should not appear in production code.

Could one of the authors give me a hint as to which is the correct replacement for these two interfaces, so that I can run the example code?