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Mark Elston (133) [Avatar] Offline
I had trouble following the explanation of listing 14.13. Haskell syntax is pretty clean but I still found this listing a bit harder to follow than most of the others. Part of the problem was I wasn't sure what direction you were heading when you presented the listing so following the function composition was difficult. Add to that there were some typos in the explanation and I got confused. So I suggest the something along the following lines for the points below the listing:

1) (This is OK as is except it has nothing to do with making copies. It is just getting the number of copies to make)
2) Map *over* l1 and return lists of nToAdd copies of each element. This results in a 'list of lists'
3) Reduce the 'list of lists' to a single list of elements
4) (OK as it is)

I think this is a bit clearer than the original. It was the way I finally figured out what you were doing. In addition, I'm not sure you spent a whole lot of time on function composition so the effect of
map ((take nToAdd) . repeat) l1
may not be obvious to all. I certainly had to stare at it a while before I figured out what this did.