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Hi There,

I found drastic changes to the anypoint studio in the recent past.
Book needs modification in the respective aspects and links provided are also depricated.
Hence I would like to take this aspect as a priority one and make the necessary changes as per the latest documentation.
To give a note all the connector exmaples given in the book are deprcated with the current edition.

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Hi Srini,

I assume you are referring to the second edition of the book and thus intended this message to be posted in its proper forum. The current forum is for the first edition, which is definitely out of date since it was written for Mule 2.

Indeed, recent minor releases of Mule 3 have introduced drastic changes, the foremost of which being the replacement of the HTTP and JDBC transports with respective connectors. As you said, the transports are deprecated and thus future-proofed solutions built on Mule need to be built with the replacement connectors.

This said, we do not intend to release a new edition for Mule 3 but instead consider more appropriate to wait for the move from transports to connectors to be finalized and any deep internal architecture changes to be crystalized before envisioning a new edition. This will more likely happen for Mule 4, where deep changes, like reactive, are expected.

Despite the deprecation of some transports, the second edition remains a pertinent source of information regarding the fundamentals of Mule and how to be successful with it. Books are not user guides, thus it is always an exercise for the reader to consult the current guides for the latest and greatest.

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Thanks mate for your response.

I accept that the information should be taken from documentation part which helps a lot.
But my intension was to specify this for 2nd edition, which I found some changes from ground reality to the book with info.

Will surely post the same idea on the other forum.