hlozancic (1) [Avatar] Offline
I impulsively bought this book because I like sails very much and I really want to learn something I don't know about it...
I'm super sad there is no complex stuff, only basics smilie

No chapters about waterline lifecycles, skipper file upload, configuring controllers with _config, sails hooks system, localization, how to handle that infamous deep populate etc.

Is there any chance we will get few new chapters or completely new book that will cover advanced stuff?

Also, version 1.0 is here soon... any updates on book?
Marina Michaels (45) [Avatar] Offline
Hi. I'm the Developmental Editor for Sails in Action. Thank you for buying this book and for posting a comment.

To answer your questions/comments:

1. The book is up to date for the next version of Sails.

2. Manning's "in Action" books are the first books on any topic and can't go very far into advanced topics. So Sails in Action gives a thorough grounding in the basics of Sails, but advanced topics would have to be covered in a "Sails in Depth" book.

I'll pass along your suggestions to the authors and the acquisitions editor.

Again, thanks!