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Just tried to read the first part of this online. It is basically gibberish. I am not saying it is wrong. I am not able to parse sentences like, "In this case when we talk about producing data, it simply means that the text input has received user input and how holds a different value than previously." The author might have some great ideas on how to present this subject. The problem is that key parts are not in understandable English. Should apply at least a little proofreading and editing before publishing, even for MEAP.
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absolutely agree - it is not only the bad English, but also the lack of formatting that makes it very difficult to read.

e.g. when class/function names are alwasy in fixed font, it is way easier to read: compare:
Seemingly the most obvious place would appear to be either Activity
onCreate on Fragment onViewCreated.

to this
Seemingly the most obvious place would appear to be either Activity.onCreate or Fragment.onViewCreated.
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