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31666 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I've just purchased the MEAP and not had a chance to read much yet, but I had a question/suggestion for what I hope to get out of the book.

There's a bunch of packages available for Elm which seem to be assumed to be used by the experienced Elm community, and the documentation is a little lacking about what those good packages are. Once you find them the individual package docs seem ok (at least that I've seen) but it's hard to get the foot in the door so to speak.

For example, the Elm Guidebook, otherwise an excellent introduction, has this to say about animation:

"Works just like it did in previous versions of Elm though."

What if you never used previous versions of Elm?

I don't see an obvious place in the ToC for this kind of stuff, but if you could include coverage of some of the more likely to be used Elm packages, in particular in how they would fit into a real application, that would be fantastic.


Richard Haven (8) [Avatar] Offline
Hells to the yeah

I started with 0.18. I recommend that you pretend that anything earlier simply did not happen.

The most dangerous thing is that some search results go to pre-0.18 post/documentation, and, after a few paragraphs, they make no sense at all.

Perhaps we, as a user community, can develop a standard HTML plug to offer any B18 page that marks it as deprecated.