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I am in chapter 2.2.5

when I run

ionic emulate android


 ionic emulate android --target=AVD_for_Nexus_6_by_Google

I get an error

Error: spawn emulator ENOENT

My versions are
npm 3.10.7
cordova 6.3.1
ionic 2.0.0
android sdk 25.2.2
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I fixed it In the book it says

When you install the stand-alone SDK on Mac or Linux, make sure you add the
directory to your path so you can easily execute Android commands. To verify the
installation was successful, you can run the following command to see the Android

I had symlinked the android command to a directory in my path but not the whole directory (linux). I've also now added platform-tools to my path.
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Glad you got it sorted!