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In some chapters, there are special characters (displaying a chess board or when you use the ice scream symbol) and it is a little bit painful to search for the rune code. Could you add them please ? It would be useful (I didn't check the answers so may be they are there and I apologize...)

Of course we can make a loop on the 32.000 runes and then look for them smilie But getting the code in the book would be more comfortable.

To save your time, I have collected some (in fact I didn't find the ice cream...frustrating smilie ) :
9814, // Black Rook
9816, // Black Knight
9815, // Black Bishop
9813, // Black Queen
9812, // Black King
9817, // Black Pawn

and adding 6 to get the codes for the White.

Else the book is very good and well explained.

Best regards,

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Hi Boris,

How are you using the rune codes? To put them in my code on my Mac, I've just been using the Emojis & Symbols panel.

I may need to remove all the special characters though, as they don't seem to print out correctly in the Windows command line.
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Thanks Boris for very helpful share! It helps me to save much time.