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Just throwing my hat in the ring - what's the story with this MEAP? Is it still on the table, or has the author moved on and left less than half a carcass?

My apologies to Manning if I come off a bit rude, but two people prior to me have asked about the book and still no one has bothered to respond smilie
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I really start regretting subscribing to MEAP after this book, I think Manning need to fix this by giving us access to other MEAP instead of this one which really doesn't worth the money spending on it .
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I agree. I read up on policy, and they really ought to cancel this MEAP, which would lead to exactly what you propose: exchange for another, or credit towards a different product on their site. They keep their money, we get something that's actually worth the money - win/win.

What's sad is that no one from Manning has noticed, or bothered, or cared, to respond on this board smilie I wont be picking up MEAPs anymore, me thinks.
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The github project was last updated 11mos ago ( but hey his other book "Javascript for Angular"( was just updated 11 days ago. So the bottom line is this author committed to to writing two books at the same time. smilie
clmorg01 (2) [Avatar] Offline
The other book on Github is a free open source book, nothing wrong with that on it's own but this means the MEAP for which have paid for is withering in place of a free book.
jeremy.wilken (208) [Avatar] Offline
Hi all, apologies for the long delays and silence. It is unacceptable and I'm working now to rectify the issues.

The group of authors (including myself) all three had major life events occur (new children, moving across the country, new jobs), which put us out of sync and behind. I actually have updated a couple chapters several times with Angular changes, but by the time we got through editing more breaking changes occurred. We failed to communicate this, but writing this book has been a challenging process for a number of reasons. Its not an excuse, but we lacked the time and coordination to provide the updates.

The good news is I'm working to refocus and redefine the book. The majority of the outline remains the same, but some alterations to the existing table of contents will be required to reflect the final 2.0 release. I'm working with Manning on getting this vision back into action (pun intended). Much of what you see now will be replaced with fresh and current content, some of which is nearly ready. I don't have a specific date, but my goal is to get the core of the book available on MEAP around the end of year.

This requires a lot of effort and time, so I ask for your patience, and appreciate your support thus far.

jptacek (9) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the update Jeremy!
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Thanks Jeremy. appreciate the details (sometimes we forget that developers/tech writers are people too) we will look forward to it.
jonniesavell (5) [Avatar] Offline
Very happy to hear of renewed commitment and the recent book update.

Thank you.

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