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194758 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Wondering if the book users the serverless framework. If so, is it majority of the book or just a few examples?
SOSANA (4) [Avatar] Offline
I bought this book with the intentions it was directly using Serverless framework but so far looks like it isn't smilie

I also bought the aws lambda in action book so curious as to what is the difference between books if it doesn't use this framework?
194758 (5) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you for the reply. May I kindly suggest that the author should really reconsider rewrite of the book using the Serverless framework. First, the audience - developers who is using or planning to use the Serverless framework, I believe, far out number those who use Lambda directly. Second, unless the book is really superbly written, buyers who buy based on the title may write negative reviews on Amazon if they purchase the book thinking it covers the Serverless framework.
Rails4G (19) [Avatar] Offline
I want to learn bare metal Lambda, without abstractions. Don't even want to use this author's run-local-lambda npm. Having issues with it so I both moved on without it and also using another automation library.

Serverless is the name given to the next cloud development movement. Unfortunately, a framework is using that name and causing some confusion.

Here is a book on the Serverless Framework (but unsure if it will be updated):
Peter Sbarski (18) [Avatar] Offline
Hello everyone, thank you for your feedback! It's great to see discussion about the inclusion of the serverless framework.

Our original aim was to create a book about serverless architectures without having it coupled to any specific framework. We wanted the reader to explore and understand core concepts behind serverless architecture without any additional abstractions. This is still the intention, however, we do realise that a lot of people want to learn the serverless framework too (and it's a very useful thing for managing and putting serverless applications in to production).

Hence, I am happy to announce that Austen Collins (the creator of the serverless framework) is contributing an in-depth chapter on the serverless framework. This is going to be a standalone chapter and it will take the reader through the configuration and usage of the framework.

Once this chapter is published Austen and I would love some feedback about it. I think this chapter will add greatly to the book (in fact, I reckon that it will be like a mini-book within a book).
stephenc (22) [Avatar] Offline
Great (and unexpected) news!

The Serverless framework is moving even faster than AWS itself, but it seems to be stable in its philosophy now (and use of Cloudformation), so even an introductory chapter would complement the book.
Peter Sbarski (18) [Avatar] Offline
If you check out the latest MEAP and jump to appendix G you'll see about 22 pages on the Serverless Framework (and a few pages on the Serverless Application Model). The Serverless Framework part was written by Austen Collins and it's awesome smilie