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I was planning to move some existing stand-alone apps to NW.js or Electron but see that Google are dropping support for Chromium. What impact will this have on future use of NW.js and Electron?
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Are you referring to Chrome apps? If so then as far as I know NW.js plans to continue support for Chrome apps. Below is a link to their blog post about the topic:


As for Electron, Electron doesn't support Chrome apps and has no plans to:


Chromium is the open source web browser version of Google Chrome. I haven't seen anything from them indicating that they plan to no longer support Chromium, only that they plan to no longer support Chrome apps.
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Impact of Chromium discontinuation (error on my part)
Thanks, I read the Chromium blog, saw the discontinuance statements about chrome frame and chrome apps, and misinterpreted them.

I was searching for information about how much of ES6 Chromium supported. Having come late in the day to porting from a highly structured language (where the vendor has tried to expand the framework to encompass so many platforms that basic features no longer work), it seems attractive to port to fully typed and modular js rather than incorporate all the tricks necessary in the past.

However, my first reading of the Chromium blog raised what seem to be false concerns.

Thanks for your helpful comments.