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Hello guys,

Yesterdays RC.6 has been released. It seems that only configuration files need to be updated.
We've updated the code samples of chapter 2 to RC.6 at https://github.com/Farata/angular2typescript

The of the code samples will remain in rc.5 till the official release of Angular 2. The rumor has it that the announcement will be made at the AngularConnect conf in four weeks.
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Thanks Yakov for the info.

As Angular 2 looks more stable in RC6, are you specting a new MEAP version (eight) of the book for the next days or weeks ?

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We're updating chapter 10 (the others are already updated), and next week we'll ask Manning to release the MEAP 8.
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My bookshelf still says latest release was July 29
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Manning promises to release the next MEAP on Sep 20.
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