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1. Gaussian probability distribution - It will be nice to add a link to Khan's Academy's (or any other) Gaussian probability distribution because although having studied Maths, I still could not remember normal probability distribution.

2. The section on 'Understanding code as graph' seems quite underdeveloped. Is there more explanation on it later?
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Hi 73556,

1. I agree - Gaussan distributions might not be fresh on everybody's mind. Great idea!

2. Hmm. Now that you mention it, I think I didn't do a good job explaining explaining code as a graph. It's definitly something I will develop in the next update.

Thank you!
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Looking forward to next updates!

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page 23*

Reader is supposed to see reference about *dot product*
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Yes, a more in depth section on code as a graph would be nice! Perhaps a detailed breakdown of a basic DNN graph later in the book would be useful too.