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Will the book be completed at all when shall we get new updates for this book
kiquetal (5) [Avatar] Offline
Any update about this book?
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Any updates?
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When can we expect a new update?
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Does the author forgot to write the rest of the book? 10 months without an update!
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The first 7 chapters have been a fantastic read.

Although I am aware of (and use) many FP features within languages that support them, never before have I had such a complete holistic view of the 'hows' and 'whys' of the FP paradigm, together with practical advice on to use them to write great software.

I am eagerly awaiting any news on the next instalments.
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MEAP for the over three years is insane.
kiquetal (5) [Avatar] Offline
any update about this book?
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Also hoping and update soon!
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Spring 2017 to Winter 2018, yet it started June 2014. Does the author or Manning plan to finish this book? They just postpone it without any explanations.
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Add another tick. Lets get this book to the end!
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Admittedly, such a delay is embarrassing...
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News Updates for the book (How can I get my money back?)
How can I get my money back?

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How do I add a ticket?
furoshiki (3) [Avatar] Offline
I contacted Manning and received this reply:

This title is not dead. We have brought on a new author to complete this.