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Although I'm finding this book to give me great insight into Solr and using it for my application, it is lacking when it comes to Nutch integration.

After several months of working on this project, I can safely say that Nutch does NOT integrate with Solr out of the box.

It does integrate with Solr relatively easily and with some minor modifications to get a basic integration working. However, the steps required for integration vary widely between the major releases of Solr and Nutch.

Determining what version of Nutch to use with what version of Solr is an exercise in itself.

Although the book references Solr 4.7 specifically, determining what version of Nutch to use with that is not so simple. And then finding the proper documentation on how to make whatever version of Nutch you choose to work with Solr is near impossible.

I don't say this out of complaint, but to make a note of it somewhere on the Web as a caution to would-be Nutch Solr integrators.

The one book I could find that talks at any length about working with Nutch and Solr references a few different versions of each and ultimately leaves it up to you to figure out how to make it work. Which really defeats the entire purpose of the book.

Not to be just a complainer, I will be documenting my journey publicly so that other poor souls won't be as lost as I am.

Were I a full-time developer working solely on Solr and Nutch, I might be able to get somewhere quicker. But I'm not. I'm working on this application in my own time and on my own dime - which is pretty much my budget as well.

Outside of the Solr In Action book, every piece of documentation I've come across in the last couple years has made wild assumptions about what the reader knows. Why does official Apache and OSS documentation in general suck so bad? I know why but it doesn't really change anything.

So this is my convoluted way of saying thank you for Solr in Action and my plea that there be a similar book done about integrating Solr with Nutch.
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Great; glad it to hear it became more clear as you read on. The auto-generated docValues reference link should work now (I removed the period).
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