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The entry for this book on "Your Bookshelf" for my account doesn't have a link to source code, and the source code link on the book's page goes to an essentially empty empty repo.

It would be really helpful (even at this early MEAP stage) to have the source posted for the various stages of the narrative. I was able to follow the first few steps, but ran into a discrepancy and would love to be able to compare what I typed with a known working set of source files.

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I endorse these remarks. The incremental addition to files in the tutorials is obviously necessary but it quickly becomes very problematic to check whether one's files developed in this way are correct.

The MEAP is already useful but a code section would make it very much more so.
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Hi friends, I'm going to start including this in the prose in every chapter, but you can find the source code here:

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Hi Steve,
Regarding the github link you provided on 25 April, 2017...

When I try to clone/download, all I get are the top-level files and no chapter sub-folders. Other than diving into each sub-folder to retrieve its code, is there a way to download it all in one go?
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Right now it’s a series of branches that you can check out.