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Emilio Srougo (3) [Avatar] Offline
This book is so well written!
I'll just point out some things that crossed my mind while reading it

Chapter 1

On listing 1.1 beginners aren't yet aware of the lack of parenthesis on function calls, so they might be confused about `toString`

On some code listings, comments would make more sense than numbered annotations to explain things.
One example is listing 1.6, Where I spent some time figuring out what the differences between each block of code were, before noticing that they were pointed out in the annotations. Besides, in 1.6, it definitely looks weird to have the same number on each line of the whole block
Another problem I see with numbered annotations, is that they make it impossible to copy and paste, many readers will want to do that to try the code.

Page 10 and 26: Some readers may not know about the concept of "truthiness", even if they're familiar with JS, it might just be natural to them, especially if they don't know any other language. So it may be useful to write a few examples of JS truthiness and show how they won't work in Elm

Chapter 2

Nothing negative on this one smilie These are the things I liked the most:

- Lack of types. Most tutorials introduce them for the model, but it was wise not to do it at this point.

- Simple setup. You could have done it with elm-reactor and show how easy is to get something running, but instead you went with an approach that shows how simple it is to integrate Elm in existing apps .

- The separation of the thumbnail view function. This teaches good code practices and drives the readers away from the belief that convoluted code must be either kept together, or separated apart in new MVU components; leading to "premature componentization."

Definitely looking forward to reading the next chapters!
rtfeldman (60) [Avatar] Offline
Great - thank you so much for the feedback! smilie
illbullet (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Richard,

Very big thanks for the book. For me it is the most informative material about Elm. I appreciate the book for the consistency of presentation. Please continue in the same manner.


Now we’re ready to compile our Elm code into JavaScript. Run this in the terminal:
elm-make PhotoGroove.elm --output elm.js

What you think about using app.js insted of elm.js:
elm-make PhotoGroove.elm --output app.js

I think app.js a bit clear and common for such use case especially for beginners.