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The code in the book (which I'm assuming is inserted from a repository somewhere) is very out of date with current React practices.

Please update the code and regenerate the book.

I'm spending more time retyping the code into more a modern format than I'm spending understanding the concepts.

React has moved along and I don't really think it's necessary to document the outdated methods of e.g. declaring components.

It's just not relevant any more in the main context of the book and should be relegated to a "If you're looking at old, outdated tutorials, here's how things evolved" Appendix.

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Thanks for the input. We're currently revamping chapter 1, and it should be out within the next couple of weeks!
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After reviewing the code, I was unable to really locate any code using React.createClass other than the examples showing how it works and saying that it was no longer best practice. Can you point me to the code you are speaking of so I can make sure we get it revamped? Thanks.