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421256 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Is this book about nativescript with Angular? I can't find any information about that in the description. Thanks!
mikebranstein (12) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you for your comment.

As it stands today, Angular 2 is not a planned topic in the book, because we want to cover the core of NativeScript (without painting a fuzzy picture by including Angular 2).

At the same time, this book is for the community. If Angular 2 is a critical aspect of NativeScript in Action that we've missed, then we will re-evaluate the current plan.

Can you help us make the decision? Do you feel Angular 2 is a key aspect of NativeScript in Action that we've missed? Why?

Thank you!
421256 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Oh, ok. For some reason I thought this book was about the Angular integration.

Anyway... I asked because I just think that Angular is a nicer way to code, since others frameworks are adopting it at really fast pace. I've also played with ionic 2 and I really liked because of Angular. I decided to study the "new age" of JS from now on. Also, I'm totally in love with TypeScript! I've became extremely productive by writing code with classes and types (IDE support is one of the reasons). The Angular promise of code reuse between mobile and web is also mind blowing. To answering your question, I don't know if Angular is a critical aspect for NativeScript. But it seems that is a critical aspect for mobile coding in general. It changes everything in my opinion. I can't see people choosing Ionic anymore, since the difference from NativeScript is just the XML in the view rather than HTML.

Lastly, I followed the "Groceries" app example at NativeScript site using Angular and I really want to go deeper with this way of coding mobile apps smilie

Thanks for the fast answer! I hope I've helped you.
Setra (4) [Avatar] Offline
Same answer than 421256

Google Angular2 moving to Microsoft TypeScript changed my view to TypeScript.

I rewrote an entire app using Angular2/TypeScript/PlayFramework from AngularJS/CoffeeScript/PlayFramework and we are not coming back.

I was hoping the book would cover Angular2/TypeScript to NativeScript and that's why I haven't made the move to buy the MEAP.

I would be great if you were to change directions.
417653 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Angular 2 + Typescript must be core; otherwise plain js is bringing knife to a gun fight
and I no longer would be interested in the book
Juan Salvador (14) [Avatar] Offline
I'm fallowing the Angular 2 programming with typescript, I have seen many changes in RC5 broking RC4. At this date (29AUG2016) I consider it should be very dificult to spect a NativeScript + angular 2 working well. Current NativeAcript + Angular 2 efforts are on Angular 2 RC4, not RC5.

Is ├Čt possible to add an aditional chapter about NativeScript + Angular 2 ? I'm assumingwe will get a final version of Angular 2 by Nov.2016 and I'm also assuming the "join venture" is more factible before the final realease of this book.

Thanks in advance for your attention
mikebranstein (12) [Avatar] Offline
We're all talking more and more about Angular 2 right now. I suspect I know the answer is, yes we'll include several chapters on Angular 2, but it's not set in stone yet. I'm going to poll several people at the NativeScript Developer's Day event in September ( to get a broader audience's feedback on the topic.
Juan Salvador (14) [Avatar] Offline
"Angular 2" final realease is on the air !

In my opinion should be great to have extra chapter covering Angular 2 / Native Script
Colt (1) [Avatar] Offline
I would also appreciate as much Angular 2 content as you can stuff into the book--the NativeScript documentation is kind of a mess when it comes to Angular 2, so it would definitely be awesome to include.
mikebranstein (12) [Avatar] Offline
I just wanted to follow-up with everyone on your feedback re. Angular 2.

We will be including 1-2 chapters on Angular 2 in the book, so look forward to that.

We've recently been a part of several Angular NativeScript (dare I say Angular Native?) workshops, and it's apparent that if you lead in with a lot of content on Angular 2 and NativeScript without giving a proper introduction to NativeScript, you can lose people pretty easily. In fact, the line between what's Angular 2 and what's NativeScript blurs for those not having written apps with NativeScript. As a result, we're still writing a book on NativeScript proper - JavaScript, XML, CSS, but then including the how-to with Angular 2, which should address the problem of what's Angular and what's NativeScript.

Let us know if you have any additional feedback.
cdoremus (8) [Avatar] Offline
I attended the recent NativeScript workshop in Boston. In that and at the conference the next day it was clear that the NativeScript team is making a major push into Angular 2 support. Still, I am dismayed to see how little documentation there is for Angular 2 development with NativeScript and was hoping your book would help fill in the gap. But if it is only going to contain a chapter or two on Angular, then your book is of little interest to me now, especially given the fact that it won't be out for about another 6 months.
mikebranstein (12) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks again for your feedback. We will be providing extensive examples of how to incorporate Angular 2 into a NativeScript app. We'll walk through how the app is organized and how to wire-up Angular 2 into the app. We won't have specific chapter teaching the new Angular 2 concepts, but instead will recommend reader walk through the Angular 2 tutorial. We feel that once you've walked through the Angular 2 tutorial, then you'll have enough background in Angular to write a NativeScript app with ng2.