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Disclaimer: great job with the book, I know i'm being OCD here

I find a similar nagging issue with Chapter 2 as with the Reactive Manifesto: the mixing of "Reactive" as a property of systems on par with "Elastic" and "Resilient" and usage of the word "reactive" itself in descriptions of "Elastic" and "Resilient". More to the point in the book, what is the difference between 2.2 Reactive to Users and 2.6 Reactive to Input? In fact, I think the input chapter says input can be from users and from other systems...

To shorten the explanation, this is what I mean:

Reactive systems are:

1) Prompt - reactive to input/users
2) Resilient - reactive to faliure
3) Elastic - reactive to load

How do you do it: Message Drive Architecture

I guess what I mean to suggest is merging Reactive to Users and Reactive to Input sections of Chapter 2.