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Any chance to add use case for routing to "modal floating window/form" to chapter 3?
I do understand that this modal window might be implemented as view, but still...
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I struggled with this as well. My scenario was displaying details of a search result, where the details were in a modal. My conclusion was to create a child route that injected the dialog template, with initialization code that opened the dialog template.

My routes were as follows:

/search <search in progess, no results returned>
/search/result <displaying results>
/search/result/detail/8568 <showing modal atop results for product 8568>

In my dialog class (TitleDetailDialog), I'm using bootstrap's dialog...

public ngAfterViewInit(): void {

 private showDialog() {
        let closureThis: TitleDetailDialog = this;

                $( '#myModal' )
                    .modal( { show: true, background: true } )
                    .on( 'hidden.bs.modal', function ( e ) {

                        closureThis.router.navigate( ['../../'], {
                            queryParams: {},
                            relativeTo : closureThis.activeRoute
                        } );
                    } );
            } );