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Hi there,

I just noticed that the table of contents only includes "Part 1: Introduction to Recommender Systems" and "Part 3: As the site grows", there's no reference to any "Part 2".

On an unrelated note, from the book title and description, I was ondering if you are planning to go on detail about the inner workings of each algorithm (eg. explain SVD for collaborative filtering) or if you are planning to just show a code example on how to implement a CF strategy.
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You are right, the part 2 is missing on the site, it's in the internal table of content document, so something must have been lost on the way to the book page. I will pass on your message to the one responsible for the page. Part 2 of the book is about recommender system algorithms and includes chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10.

I am going to go into details of the inner workings of different recommender algorithms, both in theory, but also in practice. And chapter 10 will be about matrix factorization algorithms like SVD.