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Juan Picado (18) [Avatar] Offline

I'm enjoying the content of the book and one of the main reasons I got the MEAP is because I was seeking more info about rendering, profiling and JS performance. I missed more steps aside of 4 steps are mentioned, Parsers (2), Layout and Painting, which is the composite, I think it worths mention it. Also there is further details that could be mentioned about the complete flow of a frame, Probably it's too much Chrome detailed but I guess is more or less similar in other browsers.

Aside of the timeline I also missed the Profiles tab, I think it would be great invest some space there, cpu profiling, record allocations, heap snapshots, that complement a lot all the info you could get thought the timeline. At least in my experience and my circle of developers always nobody knows how to interpret those numbers (Shallow Size, Retained Size, Distance between nodes). Compare snapshots and find JS memory leaks.

I ignore if the chapter 8 is going to touch topics like Garbage Collectors, Render Engines etc etc. Could you explain briefly the ideas in that chapter?

Are too crazy my ideas? smilie
Jeremy Wagner (15) [Avatar] Offline
Hi, Juan. Good to hear from you again, and no, your ideas are not crazy. smilie

So, a quick note on Chapter 2 before I address anything specific in your assessment: Because of the nature of these tools and how often they change, I'm going to be revising this chapter a bit prior to the book going to production, and perhaps eliminating some of the less essential materials in there.

I think mentioning compositing in the rendering process and the profiles tab would be a good idea. I think the reason I skipped the profiles tab at the time I wrote the chapter was because it overlapped with some of what we could see in the timeline tab. I don't think this assessment holds water now, though, and I think it warrants a mention. I just need to be mindful of the book's schedule, too! I'm working on the final chapter for the book at the moment, and then the rest of my time will be spent on revisions and feedback from readers.

As for your question on chapter 8: It's much simpler than what you're referencing. The content in that chapter will be about the following:
• How to affect the loading behavior of the <script> tag.
• Replacing jQuery with smaller and faster API-compatible alternatives.
• Using native JavaScript methods to replace jQuery functionality.
• Animating with the requestAnimationFrame method.

These are also the intro bullet points for that chapter.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions as always!