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According to the text:

Hence, when you deploy your stream-based model in a cluster, the resiliency that you get is no different from one that you would get with an actor based application model. Since the failure handling is reactive, you get automatic failover to other nodes when a node goes down...

I know you aren't writing a book on Clustering, but can you provide a bit more on where to start with this? Ideally, I'd like the book to have some very basic info on akka streams using clustering in two different scenarios:
1) failover
2) distributing high workload to multiple nodes.

I've seen a couple sources (akka google groups, stackoverflow) that say akka streams doesn't yet integrate with akka cluster, but maybe that was referring to older versions.

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I will see what I can do about this. But all chapters are now ready for proof reading, not sure if changes are allowed at this stage smilie