Jeremy Wagner (15) [Avatar] Offline
I've been a Grunt adherent for some time, but after using gulp and realizing how much simpler it is to use, I'll be switching the tool of choice for chapter 12 from Grunt to gulp. Hopefully this should get updated on the MEAP page soon.

In the meantime, please bug me if you have any questions/comments/suggestions regarding the MEAP!

Juan Picado (18) [Avatar] Offline
Have you considered webpack as well?
Jeremy Wagner (15) [Avatar] Offline
I did! I felt like gulp was more succinct and easier to introduce to the reader, especially a reader that may not be strong in Node, which is what the qualified reader spec for the book assumes, and that's no flies on Webpack. It's a great tool that does a lot, but I felt gulp was more focused for what I'm guiding the reader toward achieving.