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Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
Please list errors found in the published version of Learn System Center Configuration Manager in a Month of Lunches here. We'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you!

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
Manning Publications
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 2.2.4.
When I click the download link for SQL 2014 SP1,
My browser gets redirected to here:
There is no SQL 2014 SP1. If I search for SQL 2014 SP1, I get SQL 2014 SP2.

Since my build failed multiple times with a licensed copy of SQL 2014 SP1, I'm going to try the evaluation version of SQL 2014 SP2. I'm well over 10 hours of effort on Chapter 2. Setting up your lab environment. Now the CM01 build hangs on the reboot after the SQL 2014 SP1 install runs. I hope the SQL 2014 SP2 will work.
Oh well, time to erase and start over again...
I wish there was an appendix on how to install System Center Configuration Manager.
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.2.1 in the "Try It Now" part.
Wrong section reference.
I believe "Follow the steps outlined in section 3.3.1..." should be "Follow the steps outlined in section 3.2.1..."
Section 3.3.1 has no steps.
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 2.1 Tables 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.
Wrong IP address given. IP addresses do not match the code and the rest of the book.
Table 2.1 shows IP address =, but should be
Table 2.2 shows IP address =, but should be
Table 2.3 shows IP address =, but should be

Compare these addresses with figure 3.4 which shows the correct address,, as the default site subnet.
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.2.2 in the "Try It Now" part.
Wrong section reference.
I believe "Follow the steps outlined in section 3.3.2..." should be "Follow the steps outlined in section 3.2.2..."
Section 3.3.2 is not about System Discovery.
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.2.4 Active Directory Group Discovery
Figure 3.9 shows a User Group, but the code does not create the user group. The Security Groups AD container on DC01 does not have any security group objects.
The book text, the figure and the code do not match.

The text description for Figure 3.9 says "you should see the five Users and one User group populated into the console", but the figure shows seven Users and a User Group. My code shows seven users and no User Group.

I added a "ConfigMgr Lab Users" User Group into the MoL\Security Groups container in Active Directory Administrative Center on DC01. Then I went to CM01 in SCCM, Administration, Overview, Hierarchy Configuration, Discovery Methods, right-click on Active Directory Group Discovery and selected the Run Full Discovery Now item. After that, the adsgdis.log file shows "found 1 objects" and the SCCM Assets and Compliance, Overview, Users matches Figure 3.9 in the book.
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Section 2.5 Verify the ConfigMgr installation
Step 8. PowerShell code needed modification to run.

On CM01 that I built from the code, the D: drive was used for the MDT ISO. The SCCM software got installed on the E: drive.
I updated my script to this:

cd 'E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin'
Import-Module 'E:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1'
Set-Location PS1:
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.3.2 Creating a boundary group
Figure 3.11 does not match the text.
The text in step 4. references Figure 3.11 and describes the Lab boundary in the group, but the Lab boundary does not show in figure 3.11.
EGISystems (10) [Avatar] Offline
Section 3.3.3 Linking the boundary group with ConfigMgr
Missing description of where to find the References tab.
I suggest adding the instructions for navigating to the References tab. I found it in Administration, Overview, Hierarchy Configuration, Boundary Groups, right-click on Lab Boundaries, select the Properties item.
158587 (1) [Avatar] Offline
Powershell Command Section 5.3.1 - Tip

Reads Get-CimInstance ClassName Win32_Operating-System | Select-Object Version

Correct Command read as - GetCimInstance Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object Version