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nwjs window
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Hello ,

I have run a basic nw.js hello world application in chapter 1 using windows 8.1 . But it doesn't show any web address and no option to open the developer tools . Although I have enabled them through coding by using
require('nw.gui').Window.get().showDevTools() ( , There is still an empty window for developer tools . There is also a category : Why does devtools show an empty window? in the above github link but i don't have nw.pak i have nw_material_100_percent,nw_material_200_percent,nw_material_100_percent,nw_material_200_percent inside of the nwjs installed folder .

My development environment and os :
OS : Windows 8.1 x64 bit
node : 5.10.1 (Installed it through nvm ).
npm : 3.8.3
nw : 0.15.3

P.S : Please see my screen shots .
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I have downloaded the sdk build from the nwjs github page , now the developer tools are opening .
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Thanks for your comments. At the time of writing that chapter NW.js (0.12) had developer tools bundled by default, but then they changed it so that you had to grab the SDK version in order to load developer tools. I've updated Chapter 10 of the book to cover the developer tools difference.