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I noticed that three chapters have been removed from the table of contents.

The chapters

12. Building Large Projects with Kotlin
13. Kotlin For Android
14. Concurrent Programming with Kotlin

Seem to have been removed in favour of two Appendices:

Appendix A: Kotlin Build Tools
Appendix B: Kotlin Ecosystem

(The old TOC is still listed here).

Is there a specific reason to remove these chapters? In my opinion these 3 chapters were really interesting topics and it would be a shame if they would not be covered.

Dmitry Jemerov (40) [Avatar] Offline
The main reason why these chapters were removed is that we have a maximum page count specified in our book contract, and we found that we're unable to cover all of the material including those chapters and still fit in the page count.

Besides that, for Android development, the "Kotlin for Android Developers" book provides a much better coverage than anything that we could've hoped to achieve in our book, and for concurrent programming, the story will change greatly with the introduction of async/await in Kotlin 1.1, which will be finalized later than the book will be ready.
joshuawhite929 (16) [Avatar] Offline
Just a reminder, there are still a lot of "bad" references to chapters that have been removed or re-ordered (chapters 9/10/11). The wording in Chapter 1 may need to change as it describes the book focusing on two primary areas (server side and android applications)
Dmitry Jemerov (40) [Avatar] Offline
We've already updated the text of Chapter 1, and we're also updating all the references in the book so that they point to specific sections, rather than chapters, whenever possible. In any case, thanks for the reminder smilie
joshuawhite929 (16) [Avatar] Offline
Glad to hear it. Does this mean that there will there be another update soon?
Dmitry Jemerov (40) [Avatar] Offline
I don't think so. The MEAP update schedule is up to the publisher, but I wouldn't expect a new update before Chapter 11 is ready, which will be in a few weeks from now.